Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is a set of actions performed by reputation managers to influence public opinion about a certain brand

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

You can’t tell people what to think about you, but you can control what people see and hear related to you or your brand. Effective reputation management can prevent and fix damage caused by negative reviews, news articles, tweets, social media comments, and posts.  

Online Reputation Management

Who Needs
Reputation Management Services?

Anyone who wants to build and maintain brand identity. Almost 90% of people will look at your reviews before doing business with you or purchasing your products and services. Reputation has never been more important. Even one negative comment or published content someone considers offensive can damage your reputation and turn people away from you. People can be active on social networks and review sites, have excellent customer care service, think about things they post and how they treat their customers, and still have reputation issues. An experienced and skillful SERM and SEO team can use different tactics to counter harmful posts and comments and position affirmative ones high on SERP (search engine result page).


Generally speaking, SEO deals with your website trying to position it well in SERP, while ORM deals with all other websites and pages mentioning your name or your brand negatively. You don’t have to be an expert to realize that online reputation management is a complicated process. Advanced SEO techniques are crucial and irreplaceable for high-quality ORM. That’s why choosing the right SEO or ORM agency can be critical. It’s important to act fast after you spot a problem. Losing time on unreliable and inexperienced SEO firms is the last thing you need. The reputation repair process requires an immediate damage control process and the 24-hour dedication of the whole digital marketing team.

What are some of the SEO methods used in ORM?

A high-quality SEO expert should be able to control at least the first five results for your name or your brand in search results.

Advanced SEO and SERM (search engine reputation management) methods can suppress negative reviews. Video materials in the form of reviews are one of the best techniques to defeat harmful comments, malicious reviews, or articles. Videos have high SEO potential, and with experienced SEO and SERM specialists, they will beat all kinds of spiteful content in SERP.

Setting up a Google Business Profile listing (also known as Google My Business, GMB) is another way to promote affirmative information because it can easily end up on the first page.


LinkedIn is a uniquely important reputation management tool. Starting from search engine optimization, endorsements, and updates, all the way to your activities and overall image, it’s your brand’s digital mirror.

Creating a website bearing your name, with premium SEO actions and rich content, is a good tactic for boosting brand awareness and showing affirmative information to people who google your name. 

Reverse SEO helps push harmful content out from the top of the search by promoting other pages with positive content. For example, if there’s a post damaging your reputation on the first page, you must create many pages with positive content using the same keywords as the negative content. With good SEO and hard work, you can squeeze out negative and promote positive pages.

How to Monitor Your Online Reputation?

Keeping track of your reputation online is vital. Finding out there’s a problem with your reputation is the first step to fixing it. If you find it quickly, it will take less time and effort to get rid of the issue. Here are some of the best tools used to monitor online reputation:

      - Google Alerts
      - SEMrush
      - Social Mention
      - Reputology
      - RankRanger
      - ReviewPush
      - SentiOne
      - BuzzSummo
      - HootSuite 


There has never been a more need for reputation management and repair. Information travels quickly, and every tiny mistake or ill intention has the potential to be costly or even fatal to your company. Even the most respectable firms that take care of their brand look and digital image can be in a reputation crisis. Never dismiss remarks that are hurtful or malicious. Call the ORM experts in your area to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand. 

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